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It's the headline feature of Whats App version 2.16.15, which also allows i Phone users to send Live Photos and short video clips as GIFs.

Unfortunately, there is no native GIF search – like messaging rivals i Message, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Slack – so you'll have to leave Whats App itself to find a GIF to send.

Installing any of these apps is a great way to ensure you always have a suitable GIF to hand.

You can search GIPHY for an emotion () to accompany your next text message.

Things were pretty normal until about 9, when Chris said he was going out for a while. "OK, Cool", was all we replied and he was out the door. "Chris doesn't have any restrictions on his account, so we can browse anywhere we want" "Awesome!

There are defining moments in life that make you look at things or people differently.

For me, that moment came a couple of years ago with respect to my mother. My dad really wasn't in the picture much and my mom did her best at raising me. It allows people to connect and act in ways that they normally wouldn't.

If you’re considering a summer trip to Turkey, you need to keep the following in mind: In spite of any propagandic notion from the American media that Turkey is Westernizing, the sex roles remain nearly as strict and traditional since Ataturk’s time.

Instead of one-night stands you have six-month stands, where you commit before fornicating.

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