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It's pretty exciting when you see like in a year, these guys have gone from a garage to having one of the biggest companies in the world. The idea that you could change the world from your bedroom was pretty compelling to me. If I could even do one percent of that, that would be exciting. Cashmore: I wouldn't really tell them what I was up to, they would just be like, "He does something on his computer or I guess he's trying to make money or something." But they weren't pressuring me to go to university or whatever.

They knew I hadn't been well, that I was recovering or whatever.

The trouble with living together was that we quickly slipped into the kind of cosy domesticity couples decades older than us enjoy.

At the time I thought that was because she thought I was fantastic and didn't want to lose me.

So, one of the weird things was, I started in Banchory in Scotland, in North Scotland.

You have to imagine the whole world that exists, because it's all kind of in your head.

At first, I was smitten and we dated for a whole year - the second longest relationship I've ever had.

Obviously when it started out nobody was really sure that blogging was going to take off or come to be anything, or be something that would make people money. It was only a few thousand per month, but it kind of legitimized blogging as a business.He has an estimated wealth of £150m, a nice taste in suits, a glamorous girlfriend and an Instagram account littered with selfies taken with everyone from Charlize Theron and Victoria Beckham to former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright.Every month more than 45m people log on to his digital news website, Mashable — which started as a schoolboy’s blog that he wrote from his bedroom in the Scottish commuter town of Banchory, near Aberdeen.Now based in New York, Cashmore is one of the most influential Brits in the digital realm with an audience comprised almost entirely of difficult-to-please millennials.He is the closest thing Britain has to an internet A-lister to rank alongside Silicon Valley titans such…

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And I missed school a lot, so I was kind of out of sync with my friends.

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