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Dave Aitel and Matt Tait’s recent post in Lawfare argued that the U. government’s procedure for deciding whether to withhold unknown or little-known vulnerabilities in software and hardware for use by the national security and law enforcement communities or to publicly disclose them for the benefit of broader cybersecurity – a procedure known as the Vulnerability Equities Process, or VEP – is inherently harmful to American intelligence operations.

Aitel and Tait’s analysis fails to recognize that the VEP, at its best, exists expressly to recognize more than just intelligence and national security strategy concerns. The VEP needs improvement, especially greater transparency, but its original goal of balancing different perspectives beyond those of the intelligence community should remain central to reform efforts. cyber capabilities “already face a greater level of scrutiny” than its competitors across the board, the VEP adds unnecessary additional constraints. Although mutual discovery and exploitation may not happen often, it has happened, and with high-profile consequences.

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These are certainly important factors to consider when assessing options for VEP reform. Indeed, this tradition distinguishes us from our “foreign adversaries.” For example, Executive Order (EO) 12333, although not without fault, establishes guidelines for collecting foreign intelligence that help maintain “proper balance between the acquisition of essential information and protection of individual interests.” Specifically, EO 12333 sets limits on intelligence community collection, retention, and dissemination of information concerning U. Thus, government secrecy about a bug allowed exploitation by other actors to begin or continue to the detriment of individuals. As far as we know, intelligence and law enforcement currently seem to share the same VEP. Alternatively, I have suggested even higher scrutiny of law enforcement use of vulnerabilities (see chapter 21 of the forthcoming book, ).The process is meant to acknowledge that government use of these tools has the potential to affect the online security of everyone who lives in the U. Aitel and Tait’s overarching argument is that “the VEP is, inherently, harmful to intelligence operators.” They note that Russia, Iran, and North Korea will remain unrestrained by oversight in this area. They also critique aspects of the VEP as it currently exists. Aitel and Tait portray this risk as minimal, arguing that the skillset for finding and exploiting zero-days only exists within a highly confined circle, reducing the chances that a bug held by the U. would be discovered and used by other actors to the detriment of U. One of the vulnerabilities used in Stuxnet, the worm used to target Iranian nuclear facilities in which the U. government played a suspected role, was independently discovered and used to bad effect.As such, the VEP will “always represent a strategic disadvantage against foreign adversaries” for the U. Aitel and Tait argue that disclosing vulnerabilities to companies does not guarantee improved security of relevant products, because companies may possess other reasons not to patch, such as limited resources or desires to move customers to a newer product. However, the intelligence community’s failure to disclose zero days means flaws in possibly widely used computer systems go unfixed, which has the potential to affect U. The LNK vulnerability, MS10-046, was likely introduced to Stuxnet by its creators around March 2010.Hjernen til folk sov som dårlig krympet raskere enn hos de som sov godt. Det var flere områder i hjernen som ble mindre hos folk som dårlig.Disse områdene brukes til å huske, til å løse problemer og til å være oppmerksom på ting som skjer.

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