Symantec xdb file not updating server

These files play a lot when it comes to distributing virus definition on the net especially with the discovery of new viruses.

A Symantec Antivirus server usually downloads files so that they can be distributed as files to client programs.

In most cases, the easiest way to update virus definitions on computers that do not have Internet or network access is to download the single, large file and transferring it using a writeable CD or other portable media.

If you copy virus definitions files to a computer that you suspect is infected with a virus, be sure to use only read-only media, such as CD-R.

If I run it again after a successful download, it will always say it's up to date.

I don't think it is an issue of getting the virus definition. Well, first of all - this site is really not a substitute for the Symantec's techsupport.

To download the Intelligent Updater files, you must use a computer that has Internet access.Use Rapid Release files in outbreak scenarios to combat new threats.Symantec Security Response distributes content in and files.Scenario that will be addressed by adding a GUP Customers with Branch offices Think of situations where you would use a Secondary Server in Symantec Anti Virus 10.x, but where this was not an ideal solution. The office has from 2 to 20 computers, often toward the lower number.One of these computers may be a server (A pharmacy or a grocery store for example), or there may only be workstations, as in banks.

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