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Their inclusion in the below list is based on how innovative the apps are in terms of platform and services, as well as user base and popularity.

Though no match to Whats App or Facebook messenger, which have over 700 million and 600 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide, We Chat - with 500 million MAUs as of the end of last year - is without any doubt the top mobile chatting app in mainland China.

He said he had more than 1,000 constituents waiting for an update on the progress of the bill, and he hadn't been given enough time to digest Mr Ngo's amendments."I want to do due diligence on it and the fact is that I have had no chance to consider the plethora of amendments of the honourable Tung Ngo," Mr Brokenshire said."I've certainly no chance to then consult with the constituents that I deal with under the democratic process."In March, a select committee recommended the bill continue through the Parliament without amendment.Debate on the bill stretched late into the night, with Labor MP Tung Ngo introducing eight amendments at the eleventh hour.Those amendments included banning sex workers from soliciting on the street and banning brothels from setting up near childcare centres, schools and places of worship.The use of social media and digital technologies has grown rapidly in Australia and around the world, including among Indigenous young people who face social disadvantage.Given the potential to use social media for communication, providing information and as part of creating and responding to social change, this paper explores published literature to understand how Indigenous Australian youth use digital technologies and social media, and its positive and negative impacts.

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