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Nuevamente destaca Ecuador con una de sus agencias.

Se trata de Maruri Grey: su campaña “Plantain Chef” alcanzó la etapa final del festival de Cannes con tres shortlist en Design y uno Media, mientras que Carzaam para Renault, obtuvo un finalista en Design.

Por otro lado, la dupla ecuatoriana de David Miami, conformada por Juan Javier Peña y Ricardo Casal, acumulan 6 finalistas más con Google Home of the Whopper, Scariest BK y Pass the Heinz en Design y Media.

A los jueces les espera una ardua tarea para escoger quién se llevará los oro, plata y bronce de regreso a casa.

PRECIOS ACORDADOS» es una iniciativa pensada en la economía familiar que te brinda valores de referencia de productos básicos.

El convenio rige por sesenta días a partir del 1 de septiembre, en distintos supermercados mayoristas y minoristas, almacenes, abastecedores y carnicerías.

Like the man who said the yorkshire ripper is ok now,mmmmm let him live with you then. You can choose your language settings from within the program.Well said Totally agree Ambermai, Have just read Airports comments on Los Christianos website & Totally out of order, You get Pickpockets anywhere in the world, And people sleeping rough, My wife & i have been going to playa Americas since 1983 Twice a year and have never encountered any bother what so ever.! For goodness sake airport, get off your soapbox and get a life!!!It is a modern city with wide streets and well drawn avenues with wide sidewalks and vegetation of different species of trees irrigated by canals, from which it derives its nickname oasis town.It has an important accommodation infrastructure and transportation.

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San Juan was a sleepy, provincial town during colonial times (1562–1810) and took practically no part in the internal wars that devastated Argentina in its so-called Organizational Period (1820-1860.) Two of the most prominent members of the 1816 Congress of Tucumán which declared Argentina's independence from Spain, however, came from San Juán: Francisco Narciso de Laprida, who was president of the congress, and San Juan's bishop Friar Justo Santa María de Oro, a Dominican friar and an eloquent speaker whose persuasive oratory was largely responsible for Argentina becoming a republic and not a monarchy like Brazil.

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