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The most drastic method of settling financial problems, it involves liquidating, or selling, the debtor's non-exempt property and possessions and distributing the proceeds to the creditors.

Most people who file Chapter 7 do not have many non-exempt assets.

Getting rid of the merchandise is actually a secondary goal, at least at first.

The primary goal is of liquidators is, not surprisingly, to wring every last cent that they can out of their investment.

Liabilities include priority debts (taxes), secured creditors (auto dealers, home mortgages, etc.), and unsecured creditors (credit cards).

For some reason or another, Texas is a great place to MS because there are a variety of grocery stores and a ton of Walmarts.With all the recent news about struggling and/or failing retailers, I thought that now might be a good time to talk a bit about liquidation sales.Sure, the signs in the window claim that “Nothing is Held Back” and “Everything Must Go, ” but are you really be offered the deal of the century?Upon filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in bankruptcy court, a person places his assets under the protection of the court and submits a Statement of Financial Affairs describing his background and financial history.The court notifies the person's creditors of the filing, and collection efforts stop.

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