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Immersmin hadn't said a word during the whole journey, so Joram was surprised when the man finally spoke."We're almost to the healer's," Immersmin's voice was slightly muffled, maybe he was eating. The dirt road was soon covered with gravel, he tried counting all the black rocks he saw, but they halted their progress before he got to ten.He heard Immersmin approach and then he felt the ropes holding him in place loosen.Enjoy the possibilities of every day, right here at Park Kiely.

The grass slowly grew shorter, and then disappeared altogether, revealing dark dust that puffed up slightly with every step. Eventually the pain refused to be ignored and he succumbed to it, tears streamed down his face, then it faded with his vision.

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When you live at the apartments of Park Kiely, youll truly have it all.

Newly renovated studio, one, two and three-bedroom residences, filled with features and finishes to make every day brighter. The location is excellent as I'm close to gas stations, grocery stores and a mall. My only concern is there's not a lot of parking spaces, but it helps that you can rent a spot.

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He didn't realize he had fallen asleep until he woke up.

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