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Although there might be a lack of understanding about how common sushi is outside Japan, more often it’s a direct translation from Japanese Why do blonde gaijin women get so much more attention?

If you are going to go for Western women, you are going to be looking for something really different from the Japanese. Why are the Japanese police so obsessed with checking if foreigners have registered the ownership of their pushbike? Stealing of bikes is actually fairly common, and if you add the people who can’t be bothered re-registering their bike when they sell it or give it to someone, I’m guessing the arrest rate is high.

Kissing in public isn’t really on but there’s no shame in suggesting a visit to the nearest love hotel.

The love hotels themselves are a kind of neutral territory equipped with condoms, maybe mirrors and sex toys.

Although making social connections in a megacity is easier said than done, with these 4 apps, it’s never been so easy to get the ball rolling—it’d be a shame not to make friends in Tokyo! (Well, almost effortlessly—you’ll need an Internet connection.

If you’re looking for someone with independent spirit you’re best off looking for a girl or guy that has travelled.

The whole relationship thing is especially problematic for this painfully shy people.

Some even have outlandish décor such as medieval castles or Arabic harems.

Figure on paying for a night or half that for a two hours stay.

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Japanese society is quite openly erotic in some ways with massage parlours broadly advertising their soapy service.

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