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In other words: A truly multiethnic group of characters who all look essentially the same and act like shallow, vapid, materialistic 20-somethings with "friends!

" Ironically the dolls conform to valid/mainstream social norms for 20 year old females while the creators blather about bucking social acceptance. "You can call them tarts, you can call them prostitutes, you can even call them sleazy..Lawd almighty, don'tcha call them nappy-headed hos. We just need to restart that 60s/70s back to nature communal living in oregon thing. 7473r4Styling as in "just there for style."Similar to the phrase, "Man, those flames on your Camaro are stylin'!

With the funny game Love Tester you can find out if it's true love or only friendship.

Just enter two names to calculate your chances of a successful relationship!

These dolls is gonna teach my girls to earn some coinage after school so we can get off the guverment cheese./Sasha, honey, show some more leg, will ya? /So much more to be angry about, and you are worried your kid might see a glass and wonder what goes in it? That'll fix the materialism, and the slut-factor is "free love" instead of the current "hook-up" culture, which is at least slightly preferable./so.. "mean Momma What's the problem with skulls and crossbones?

Are you afraid of her becoming a pirate as well as a slut?

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"I think they're really immodest," says Hannah Brown, 13, who's entering the eighth grade in Spartanburg, S. "Third-graders will see these dolls wearing halter tops and spaghetti straps and really short miniskirts, and think it's OK for them, too. /has six yr old daughter who wants, wants, wants/saw a 'Bratz' playset that included wineglasses skdfjslkjfskld!!!!

// broke down and bought her the backpack since no skin was showing and little to no makeup on the 'doll'/// dismayed to discover 3 days later that the girls dress had skull and crossbones patterned on it./ also true story What critics don't understand, Arad says, is the stylistic reasons behind the doll's design. "The lips are for styling." As for the film, he says the aim was to create a truly multiethnic group of characters who learn to value friendship over the need for social acceptance.

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