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This trunk (1) dates to the early 1900s when the luxury manufacturer introduced its now iconic checkered Damier pattern.

VALUE: ,000.1920s During this decade, train travel started to replace steamship trips.

Collectors often have fond memories of Fire-King from their youth, resulting in growing interest in the marketplace.

Buyers are taking advantage of the ability to gather up affordable vintage pieces and using them to reconnect with a bit of the past.

Vintage Fire-King dinnerware is a prime example of antique glass that is affordable and usable.

It is complementary when paired with more contemporary dinnerware patterns; vintage glass can easily be found in any number of styles from simple Restaurant Ware in plain, opaque white to fancy florals and bright geometric kitchenware.

The current asking price for this set of four vintage Jade-ite Swedish Modern Tear Drop nesting mixing bowls is 0. Fire-King is affordable both because there is a plentiful supply and because it’s durable.

of Lancaster, Ohio, began producing low-cost, ovenproof, borosilicate low-expansion glass dinnerware marked “FIRE-KING” in 1942.

1900s At the start of the 20th century, tourism was the domain of the wealthy who could afford ocean liner voyages—and the hired manpower needed to lug around giant steamer trunks.

Luggage during this time was a serious status symbol, and no brand was more coveted than Louis Vuitton.

Pyrex bowls could withstand oven temperatures without cracking and made better use of heat, reducing cooking times and making sure of even cooking.

In the UK Pyrex cookware was available from Harrods as early as 1919.

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