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In 19th-century America, a gunsmith from Easton, Pennsylvania named Samuel Phillippi is generally credited with making the first split bamboo rod in about 1845.In 1854, Charles De Saxe was issued a patent for a rod, and Thomas Chubb, Henry Pritchard, and many others won scores of patents throughout the rest of the century for tips, guides, seats, and ferrules.The ferrules, which were the sleeves used to connect a rod’s sections, were often made of metal.Finally there were the rod’s grip and reel seat, which, by the late 1880s, was often braided in cord or celluloid.It will give the reader an idea how long each were produced for.ABU produced dozens of named rods and variations over the 7 decades to date. Horgard split cane never became a long term or household name in the ABU catalogs but it certainly carved a place in history due to its high quality and consequence expense.I don't own a 856 but in that same discussion, views of the 856 were far more favorable. The Fenwick 856 was my first Fenwick, and it continues to be a great all-around rod for my fishing. Another line specifically designed for fiberglass is the 406. Rip - Right now I'm using a SA Mastery Trout DT5 on my FF75 and a SA Mastery Steelhead Taper WF7 on my FF80.

That’s because in medieval England, fishing rods were known as "angles." Back then, before fiberglass and graphite composites, fishing rods were often made of light, tough, and pliable bamboo or ash, with maple butts and grips of cork.

Most of these early American rods were made of bamboo, but hickory and ash were also favored.

Rod makers had to choose their wood carefully, though, taking care to cut their rods from the part of the tree between the heart and the bark.

Fuji VSS reel seats secure your reel, and Alconite guides lighten the feel of the rod.

Fenwick HMG Spinning Rods also feature TAC handles to maximize grip in all weather conditions.

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